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Welcome, I’m Satina (she/her/hers). Please know you’re not alone in experiencing life’s challenges, so go easy on yourself. The reality of human nature is that we all, individually and collectively, go through seasons of suffering, joy and all the in-between. Our human instinct is to survive, we are incredible! Together, let's navigate life's challenges by nurturing ourselves, embracing our true selves, adapting to our circumstances, honoring the natural world, and supporting one another.

mental health therapist
Satina Conforti mental health counselor


Creating a therapeutic environment hinges on establishing safety, trust, and mutual goals. These elements form the foundation for your growth, healing, and transformation. Complementing this foundation are our respective roles: yours as the client and mine as the therapist.  If you are transparent, motivated, dedicated, and active towards your goals both inside the therapy space and in your world, you will see progress. My role isn't about solving your problems or rescuing you; rather, it's to facilitate your journey to self-discovery, offering attention, empathy, reflection, perspective, education, practice opportunities, suggestions, resources, and guidance to support you in achieving your goals.

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Honoring My Own Healers


I am deeply grateful to my inner healer and to all, seen or unseen, human, creature, or other, who have been supporting me in my journey of healing and growth. I am especially thankful for my Mom, the love my parents had for one another, and my husband.

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