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From Maiden to Woman: A Journey of Embracing Aging

Dear Fellow Humans,

You are not alone if you struggle with the physical changes that come with aging. Allow me to share my story and some insights I've gained from a years worth of "doing the work".

As I journeyed through my 40th year, I found myself immersed in the profound process of embracing evolution – from maiden to woman. It's been a path marked by the blatant unraveling of fears that have long lingered in the shadows.

For so long, my sense of power, worth, status, and acceptance were tightly woven into the fabric of my maiden form. With the physical process of aging, I am confronted with the daunting prospect of losing these perceived pillars of identity. Do you have losses or fears associated with aging?

In the modern Western world, the pressure to defy aging can feel suffocating. From relentless media messages to societal standards that glorify youth, to toxic masculinity that objectifies women, to a culture that admonishes our wise elders, it's easy to succumb to the fear of losing acceptance and relevance in a culture obsessed with eternal youth.

So, I worked on my empowerment. I took control of my own process and affirmed that I will embrace shedding my maiden form with authentic evolution and radical self-love. I am evolving from a personalized style of "insecure perfectionistic glam " to "flawed outdoorsy cottage core woman." I am no longer angered when I see signs of the anti-aging industries around me; rather, I honor everyone's right to age in their own way. I am entering into year 41 deeply connected to the truth that each of us has our authentic "beauty" which naturally evolves in the aging process.

Women, let us reclaim our right to age, embrace the diversity of beauty, and let us all shine together.

Affirm: I strive to embrace and live my authentic shine. If I see another woman shining, I celebrate her! I remember her shine is hers and mine is beautifully mine. We are all worthy of love🌟

Self Reflection Questions: Do I have fears associated with aging? Are there any aspects of my youth that I am gripping onto tightly? How do I want to age? What can help me embrace my evolution?

I am with you,


an illustration of a young maiden and a woman embracing aging and each other.


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