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 Let's work together on activating your inner healer.

Evergreen Tress


Do you need to discuss what is challenging, confusing, upsetting, disconnecting, or distressing? At Activate Counseling Services, our mission is to provide professional yet warm therapy services in a safe and serene space for you to be with yourself and focus on the change you want to experience.

Dedicate yourself and you'll notice these benefits unfolding.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

 Improved awareness of your own thoughts, emotions, behaviors, values, and overall identity.


Fresh approaches and coping mechanisms to navigate hardships and contribute to your overall well-being, personal growth and resilience.


 Identify and address unhealthy patterns, learn constructive conflict resolution, and gain insights into your needs and the needs of your people. 

"As humans, we are here to do our best for ourselves, our relationships, all other beings, and our planet"
Satina Conforti Licensed Professional Counselor
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